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One Piece 586

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Smoker and Hina! And a camel taxi.

Poor Sabo. Also, it’s strange and somewhat unnerving to be in the midst of a Luffy flashback during scenes like this. Usually, for One Piece flashbacks, Luffy is in the present time, ready to act on the injustice he learns. Now, present-day Luffy is incapacitated and would have neither a fresh reason nor the immediate ability to take revenge for Sabo, and flashback Luffy is too weak. It’s an odd feeling, knowing that whatever happens to Luffy here is probably left that way for the rest of his character history.

Stelly looks… weird. He’s a mix of cute, ugly, and evil. Bizarre.

This is rough. I feel awful for the kids.

Unsurprisingly, the pirates were set up. Still, they had it coming.

Please tell me that’s Dragon.

… that’s Dragon and (presumably) his wife. Luffy’s mom. Whoa.

Final Flash: Sabo not only avoids death but is probably still with Dragon in present time, and we get the first glimpse of who we can only assume is Luffy’s mom. Amazing. Also, so much for there not being anyone available to deliver much-needed retribution.

  1. zentulip
    May 27, 2010 at 2:23 am

    The guy over at the AP Forums who posts the One Piece spoilers seems to think that the woman at the end of the chapter is actually Ivankov, due to the specific speech patterns used in the original Japanese text. Although Luffy’s mother would be quite interesting as well~

    I’m really loving this flashback arc.

    • May 27, 2010 at 3:08 am

      Ivankov would make sense, yeah. Regardless, it’s terribly exciting. This arc is fantastic.

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