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Bleach 405

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“Are you really this weak?” Yes, Gin, he is. Don’t pick on him.

Still more bickering between Yoruichi and Kisuke. Kubo’s even sunk so low as to use polka-dot screentone for a comedy background… in the middle of a climactic fight against the strongest enemy they’ve ever encountered. This isn’t even writing anymore.

Attacking him now? Good idea. Maybe you could have been doing that all this time.

Here’s hoping Aizen’s cracked face is also part of his plan. At this point, I’m hoping for the sublimely ridiculous. Anything to get me through this, at least until the next arc. Go Aizen!

All these attacks from Kisuke are actually pretty cool. It’s so refreshing to see a character with multiple attacks. I just wish this had happened sooner. Far sooner. Also, against an opponent who won’t just shrug them off. As an author, what’s the point of writing a bunch of creative attacks if they’re just being used as fodder?

There’s Isshin. Finally. I’m not asking for tactical genius or anything, but maybe the three of you, facing a nearly insurmountable challenge, could, you know, attack at the same time from the beginning.

Final Flash: Again, Matsumoto didn’t do anything. It’s not really a teaser if there’s no substance to tease.

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