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Naruto 496

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The architecture and lore Kishimoto has created in the first few pages is rather interesting. Too bad someone is rapping over it.

Okay, Naruto faking his own beheading was actually pretty funny. Yamato sold the scene perfectly.

Cone on, Naruto, enter this hyperbolic time cha– I mean, this room.

Finally, this is actually going to happen. Conquering the fox will be fun.

It’s a little odd not to even hint at an explanation of this whole chakra-sucking business. I guess we’re just supposed to go with it.

Bee and the Oxtopus can only help a little, too. We may have had a lot of uninteresting developments to deal with on the way to this moment, but this is still pretty meaningful for Naruto the series and Naruto the character.

Final Flash: I’m looking forward to the following week’s Naruto chapter for the first time in… well, I can’t remember when last I did. This series still has a little magic left in it, so long as Sasuke isn’t around.

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