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Bakuman 87

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Come on, chief. Don’t be a dick.

Page 1 is setting up the inverse of last chapter. It’s too pessimistic to actually follow through like this. Surely there’s a positive twist.

Yeah, everyone is too depressed. Surely it gets in.

P7: Hooray! I don’t care about being right; I was rooting for this to happen. We can finally move on to Ashirogi competing with Eiji again. Also, middle panel on this page is pretty funny. That lovable jerk. Also, someone is bringing up Hattori’s love life in the meeting? That’s fantastic.

P10, top panel: This is just about how I feel. It may be a silly scene, but it perfectly captures the moment.

P11, bottom-right panel: Seeing an Obata character with the trademark Obata “serious expression” with cake all over his face is extremely funny.

P13: Wow. Hattori gets the job. I’m torn on this one. I’m happy, because Hattori had always been the best choice, but I’m a little disappointed, both because Miura had finally started to grow up, and (more importantly) because Hattori is working with Eiji.

P18: Oh, never mind. Excellent! A switch is pretty much spot on.

P19: What?! What’s wrong with Hattori?

Final Flash: Blissful chapter with some fantastic individual scenes and a puzzling ending.

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