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Toriko 95

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Let’s learn more about Blackbeard’s other life.

Interesting to see Teppei interact in such a cutesy, familiar way with Yosaku.

Setsu is feared by absolutely everyone. This is excellent.

P7: Oh, Toriko. Straightforward as ever.

Therapy Tulip! Another creative species via reader submission. Toriko has a built-in fantastic connection with its audience.

Yosaku is a bit more upfront of a burly-but-nice person than I expected, not that I’m complaining. Subtlety isn’t this series’ strong point, anyway.

20 years for both? Wow. Thankfully, these seem more like absurd challenges for Toriko and Komatsu to overcome, rather than an actual estimate (or worse, a timeskip).

Final Flash: A bit of a subdued chapter. Fun to learn about Yosaku, but we didn’t get nearly as many species introductions, and it’s still transitional plot.

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