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Bleach 406

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A bunch of white space in the first panel? Hello, Bleach!

Unsurprisingly, Aizen is unscathed. Can he just take over the world or whatever it is he’s trying to do already? I think I’m far from alone in being ready for the next arc.

Gin is the ombudsman of Bleach. All legitimate complaints about Ichigo are being channeled into the series through Gin.

Of course, we don’t actually get to see Aizen take out those three. I understand the effect Kubo is going for — Aizen has some sort of massive, overwhelming, incomprehensible strength that Ichigo needs to visually discover firsthand later — but this storytelling effect is weaker than if we were able to see Aizen demolish Isshin, Yoruichi, and Kisuke. Given the state of Bleach, and given Aizen’s complete lack of credibility as a villain, I’d prefer ‘Aizen legitimized through sheer power’ to ‘mysterious strength’ any day.

Aizen’s questioning of Gin lends further credibility to the idea that Gin has his own motives. If Ichigo is somehow an important part of Aizen’s plans, Gin trying both to scare him off and to kill him would put him directly at odds with Aizen.

Oh, neat. Aizen has a face again.

Isshin isn’t down for the count? Kubo can’t even have Aizen play the ‘mysterious strength’ angle correctly.

Final Flash: Unbelievably pleased to be done with this arc. The future does not look bright yet, but at least we’re changing settings.

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