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One Piece 587

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What a puzzling cover page. Den Den Mushi require watering, apparently.

Oda can draw such perfectly ugly people when the situation calls for it.

Bluejam is an interesting case within the world of One Piece. We’ve become used to treating pirates as de facto “good guys” and regarding the World Government as the true evil, but every once in a while, a pirate like Bluejam comes along that reminds us that the people of this world are rather sensible for considering pirates evil. Bluejam is hardly the first case of this happening, but it’s refreshing to see someone like him now and again.

Ace used Haki. Wow.

Dadan! I was wondering where she’d been all this time.

It’s such a weird feeling to see ‘death flags’ popping up left and right for characters we know survive this flashback.

An explosion and a path? Dragon, likely. 15 pages in, I was hoping to have seen more of him. Any of him, really.

There he is. It was Ivankov after all. Although… there has not yet been confirmation that Ivankov is not Luffy’s mom…

Kuma?! Whoa. Also, I guarantee at least one of those silhouettes is someone notable. Particularly, the silhouette with the sword in front of Kuma, or the other hulking mass beside him.

Sabo! I am unbelievably happy he lives. Surely, he will tie us back to the present. Expect a reunion between Sabo and Luffy soon. I anticipate brief commiseration of Ace’s death, followed by Sabo cheering up Luffy enough to continue his journey and meet up with the crew.

Final Flash: We’re almost done with this flashback, and it’s been well worth the time spent. Fantastic.

  1. zentulip
    June 2, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Ahhh, I really hope Sabo comes out of this alright. I’d like to be optimistic, but it’s slightly foreboding that Sabo is setting out in his dinky little ship the same day that the tenryuubito are set to arrive. Best case scenario is that Sabo either gets away on his own, or maybe Dragon is still hanging around and he becomes a revolutionary (I was 90% sure that would happen after last week’s chapter, now I’m not so sure).

    Worst case scenario, he dies (but Oda wouldn’t do that! Right? ._.;) or perhaps he becomes a slave for the visiting nobles and gets hoisted back to Marijoa.

    But probably the most foreboding thing in this chapter that some people have noticed is that Ace’s tattoo might actually be a reference to Sabo’s pirate flag. Oda inserting crazy detailed bet-you-didn’t-see-that-coming! shenanigans again, or are we looking way too far into things? Hm.

    But I want Sabo to live so badly, and I think it would be really fitting for him to snap Luffy out of his depression.

    Either way, I need the next chapter now, dammit. The suspense is killing me. And I want my Strawhats back together.

    Have fun at Colossalcon! You should try and make it to ACen next year. :3

    • June 2, 2010 at 7:40 pm

      Even if Sabo dies, it could be used as a means for Luffy to snap out of it. (Luffy could realize he’s the only brother left, and he has to fulfill the dreams of all three, or something.) Still, I’m hoping for him to live. He seems like he’d be a great character in present-time. And I want the crew back, too!

      Thanks! I would have attended ACen this year, but the plans materialized just late enough that I missed the deadline for panel submission. I’m aiming for it next year!

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