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Bakuman 88

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Hattori, no! You’re perfect for the job!

I’m glad to see Fukuda is still trying to compete with Eiji and Ashirogi. He’s a fun character who deserves some more spotlight.

Chief is one of the more complex characters of this series. He’s in a position where he must stand up for Shueisha, and is rightfully pessimistic towards Ashirogi, yet he is clearly kind enough to allow them the chance they took. Surely, Perfect Crime Club will be competing with Eiji before 25 chapters.

I want an Otters 11 figure. Please don’t let me down, Shueisha merchandising department.

Hiramaru’s obsession with Aoki Ko is priceless. He even gets a phone call this chapter! Maybe he has a chance. … maybe. (…)

Within a few panels of having met up with Ashirogi again, Hattori is already proving why he’s invaluable to them.

Considering how much of the focus has been on the stories Ashirogi have come up with lately, it’s refreshing to see so much focus on Mashiro’s art.

Miura ended up growing on me. It took quite a while, but I’m just a little sad to see him leave. That said, I’m far more happy to see Hattori return.

Takagi providing only the text is a fantastic idea, as already evidenced by Mashiro posing in a manner befitting of Eiji.

The last panel of the chapter is perfect! I can think of no better role for Iwase than the spurned girl. Extremely happy about this turn of events.

Final Flash: Great chapter. Watching Ashirogi try to be serialized again was quite good, but there’s a completely different kind of excitement about watching them actually create.

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