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Kimi no Iru Machi 92

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Aftermath of the declaration of war. This series could finally be going somewhere.

As heartless as it might seem in the moment, Haruto is absolutely doing the right thing. It would be more demeaning (both to Kazama as a character and to the readers) to hold back because Kazama is sick. Furthermore, it would be far worse to see Haruto and Eba reunited after Kazama dies.

As expected, Kazama is up for the challenge.

Nagoshi’s flustering is so cute. It’s a pity she wasn’t in the series when she could have been a significant love interest.

On the same note, Mishima is fantastic. She’s easily my favorite character of the series right now.

Nagoshi! How adorable. Sorry, young lady, but Haruto is busy spending time with the girl he should end up with. You’ll have to wait. (Please feel free to continue being appallingly cute in the interim.)

Final Flash: A glimmer of hope! This series is finally starting to progress the main storyline and move out of pure angst. I’m fine with a little angst, as long as its relevant, but we’ve had to endure far too much angst for too long.

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