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Bleach 407

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Without any detail on those rocks, it looks like Aizen and Gin are walking between giant teeth.

Aizen attacking things for the sake of attacking them is an improvement. It may not be great, but at least he’s acting in some fashion, rather than just slowly allowing things to happen around him.

Ichigo has been rendered useless. It’s one thing to keep your protagonist realistically challenged by new opponents so s/he can evolve over the course of the series. It’s another thing entirely to completely limit the hero until obvious training arcs, then issue him/her a standard level-up. If the strength progression of the main character in good shonen manga were to be graphed, it would curve upward, or at least be linear; the same graph for Bleach would look like stairs.

Speaking of training arcs…

Also, on that point: Really? The final Getsuga Tenshou? How about a different move?

Final Flash: Not much to judge here. Nothing happened.

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