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One Piece 588

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Lovely color page!

Oh… no. Right away, too.

When the Tenryuubito, as an entire organization, finally get the revenge that is coming to them, it will be a glorious day for fans worldwide.

‘Ace just ate his Devil Fruit’ theory nullified. Both Ace and Luffy will get to see Sabo’s fate together.

Does anyone else doubt Sabo’s death? Everyone’s treating it as a certainty, but we never saw his corpse. I’m extremely hesitant to pronounce him dead.

Only discovering Ace’s similarities to Roger now is all the more difficult considering his eventual fate.

Regardless of what actually happened to Sabo, it’s sad to see Ace and Luffy like this.

One theory down, another fueled: The crossed-out ‘S’ on Sabo’s letter is the reason behind Ace’s tattoo. (Not my theory, mind you, but a good one.)

“Endless lamentation,” indeed. What a flashback.

Final Flash: With the break next week, it seems the flashback is done, but the angst may not quite be over yet. Luffy still needs to recover. I still believe Sabo has survived, and will soon meet with Luffy.

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