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Lock On! 15

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P3, top-right: Regarding the fact that they’re in the same club, why hasn’t that actually manifested into a storyline? Getting the required signatures was such a major plot point before it actually happened. Now that the photography club has been formalized, the concept of its advantages and legitimacy has vanished.

For the record, I’m still just as embarrassed by the art in this series as I ever was; I just comment on it less because I don’t want to repeat myself. It hasn’t improved in the slightest.

Another new character. I suppose that’s not terrible, but I’d like to see a little development in those we already have.

This guy feels entirely flavor-of-the-week, but the “Hottie” tips are fine for a cheap laugh.

That chart might not apply as well to relationships outside of Japan.

Fortunately, Ikeya is being used as a catalyst to spark a little character growth between Utsuru and Niko. If that’s how new characters will be used, bring them on.

Heartfelt moments work better when characters don’t have a character trait as obviously bizarre as a differently-colored eye. Or a massive nosebleed. Or with backgrounds. (Sorry, had to get it in there.)

Final Flash: Still a subpar series, but chapters like these are acceptable. If the mangaka can do nothing about the art, I hope he’ll at least continue to focus on character development.

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