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Bakuman 89

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This is interesting insight into the dynamism of a mangaka duo. I wonder if Obata prefers to receive names or manuscripts.

P2, bottom panel: Kaya has been written as such a good character that even tiny, seemingly-throwaway scenes of her like this are enjoyable.

Same goes for page 3. Ashirogi Muto wouldn’t be nearly as strong a team without Kaya as support.

P4, center panel: Kaya with adorable-lazy-Obata face!

I can see some serious lesson-learning coming for Miura in the near future. Just picking up the manuscript can’t be enough in a working relationship like this.

Eiji, still fantastic. He’s an unusual cross between a rival and a mentor figure, at times. (Well, he’s always unusual.) It’s going to be fun to see if Miura can actually contribute anything, or if he’ll just be swept away by Eiji’s pace and brilliance. With Perfect Crime Club poised to succeed, I look forward to little more than Eiji having to get serious.

P7, top-right: Eiji gets the Obata-face this time!

“He’s probably psychic” is a great line when delivered as deadpan as Hattori intends it.

P10, right panel: Great facial expression on Mashiro. Obata doesn’t draw faces like that often.

There’s already a movie by that name? What a nice, odd touch.

A couple great series being referenced on page 12, though I find Slam Dunk to be considerably more excellent.

As expected, Iwase is now a handful. She’s already fantastic in this role. That said, she’s not wrong; Miura should be providing more insight for his authors. He’s going to find it tough to again follow Hattori.

Of course Hiramaru carries around an Otters 11 figure in his jacket. I would, too, if I had one. (Hey, Shueisha…) Also, how can Aoki not be impressed by that Otters 11 figure? I just don’t understand women sometimes.

Mashiro’s solution for the main character seems rather reminiscent of Sket Dance: Completely ordinary kid with exceedingly ordinary “power-up.” Still, considering the main character of Perfect Crime Club needs to be ordinary for the story to work, this has potential.

Final Flash: Engaging developmental chapter. The series will need to move soon from the preparatory stages of Perfect Crime Club to actual publishing and competition with Eiji.

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