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Bleach 408

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Comedy right now is a little more acceptable than during a major face-off against an overwhelming enemy, but it still feels out of place.

Bear with him, Isshin. Your son is useless.

You can tell it’s a flashback because all the backgrounds are pure black instead of pure white.

Do we really need more than one panel to explain the Bleach ripoff of the hyperbolic time chamber? Certainly, we don’t need three pages and a diagram.

Six pages to explain a flashback that didn’t actually have to be a flashback because it just happened.

Why is this still within the “Deicide” chapter labels? That arc is over.

P13: Hey, wait a minute, I know that guy! He’s one of those guys from back when the series was tolerable!

This is far from an excellent time for a traditional shonen “our hero will save the day because that’s who he is” speech. Right now, our hero inspires absolutely no confidence and has shown absolutely no skill. Proper shonen storytelling involves convincing the audience of a character’s skill and/or strength through actual events, not through rhetoric.

Final Flash: My relief at being finished with the previous arc has already faded.

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