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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 294

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Unsettling cover page, given what happened at the end of last chapter.

Tsuna, having just turned down the inheritance despite not wanting his friends to be hurt, is being confronted with a situation where he’ll likely be convinced to accept the inheritance because his friends have been hurt. This storyline is a sensible way to move the plot forward, but it certainly won’t be winning any praise for complexity.

P6, center panel: Surprisingly grim artwork for this series. Even in the future arc, there was still a sense that these were just kids caught up in something serious. This is far from seinen, but it’s hardly a childish scene.

Reborn fluctuates too much between passive guardian and active member of the group. I don’t mind either role for him, but it would be nice for him to stick to one of them.

Someone had time to write a message in blood? Mizuno stupidly left a calling card, or Yamamoto somehow had enough energy left? Either way, that’s fairly silly.

That little vial the ninth was carrying turns out to be Vongola’s Sin. This is going to involve even more connections to the original Vongola. The connections that have already been drawn are tiresome, so hopefully this will involve more history and fewer contrived parallels between Tsuna’s group and the original guardians.

Sure enough, Tsuna steps up when he’s needed. So long as he’s reluctant and doesn’t turn back into the suave and collected pretty-boy from the insipid future arc, I’ll be curious to see how this develops.

Final Flash: Decent chapter, but the series has lost a step with the straightforward revelation that the Shimon family isn’t as friendly as we were supposed to expect.

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