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Beelzebub 66

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Young Oga is so far proving to be hilarious (bragging about the Buddha, explaining his logic behind claiming the big Katsu).

Oga was even kind enough to Miki back then to go help him out. There must be some major shock or huge misunderstanding coming, because at this point, present-day Miki seems unreasonable.

You might want to get that hand of yours checked out, flashback baddie. It doesn’t look normal.


Those fingernails weren’t just for show, fortunately. Also, I know nails are sharp, but I question if they’re strong enough to be used in this manner without breaking… not that I’m attempting to question realism in a series about the son of the devil.

The most evil face in shonen?

There’s the misunderstanding. Oga is pretending he doesn’t know Miki, for Miki’s own sake. Meanwhile, Miki, who has been seeking acceptance from Oga, takes Oga’s act the wrong way. The scenario is straightforward but effective.

Well, straightforward with an Oga twist, which implies violence.

Final Flash: As long as this flashback doesn’t last much longer, it’s an acceptable explanation for Miki’s actions, which also provides him with the means to redeem himself in the near future.

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