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GE ~ Good Ending 39

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Seiji’s maturity goes a long way to separate this series from generic, “harem”-style romantic comedy. Unfortunately, as he’s made being aware, he’s also a little too oblivious to the circumstances in such series that cause jealousy and confusion.

Talk about going on the offensive. Oonuma certainly isn’t holding anything back at all. Poor girl. She’s trying so hard for someone so unaware.

Everyday fast food conversation

Lights out. Cue intimate scenario.

I would enjoy Oonuma’s part of the story considerably more if the author explored her anxiety instead of only pushing her sexuality. She has taken her friend’s advice to heart, and is actually following through by trying to use her body to her advantage, but she still seems reserved and conflicted about doing so. While ecchi and fanservice have their place in this kind of story, I hope to see them complemented by character analysis.

Needs more internal monologue

Final Flash: A rather token chapter, the entire purpose of which was to reestablish romantic tension between Seiji and Yuki.

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