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Lock On! 18 (end)

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Final chapter of a deservedly short series.

Unfortunately, Tsuchida did decide to stay with the groper storyline heading into the last installment.

Speed lines to the very end.

It seems Tsuchida is opting for the open, unresolved ending. It’s probably my preferred method of wrapping up a canceled series. Forced conclusions don’t feel right.

That said, Niko is falling in love pretty quickly all of a sudden.

That’s it. Niko admits her love for Utsuru to herself, and the series ends.

Final Flash: It’s always unfortunate in some capacity for a series to be canceled, but with the exception of one great chapter (16), Lock On! was decidedly unremarkable at best (and downright awful at worst) from start to finish. Here’s hoping Tsuchida improves his art drastically before attempting a new series.

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