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Psyren 124

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Psyren receiving a novelization is great news. Any adaptations are a relief for fans worried about the series’ propensity for finding itself in the bottom 5 of the Shonen Jump table of contents.

Elmore’s condition is already hitting Shao harder than most. It’s difficult to see a character second-guessing prior actions in a case as severe as this.

For Amagi Miroku to be the figure that Elmore sees would be unusually straightforward.

Strongest reaction scene of the chapter

It’s far from important in this scene, but Amamiya burying herself in Yoshina’s chest is a good sign for their relationship.

The more powers are revealed, the more these psychic abilities in Psyren feel like nen from Hunter x Hunter. For the record, this is not a complaint.

Unsurprisingly, Ageha wants to learn from his father. Perfect time for him to improve, too.

Final Flash: Sad chapter. Fortunately, it only took one chapter to set up the training arc. This good pacing should move us to the rescue arc fairly soon.

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