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GE ~ Good Ending 40

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This is a series-defining moment. Will the author opt for the tried-and-true (yet overused) harem route, or keep the series focused on serious relationships? I’m hoping Seiji pulls away from Oonuma.

Whoa. She’s going for his pants right away? This is far too much for Oonuma’s character.

I’m thus far disappointed in Seiji’s indecisiveness, and Oonuma’s comedy-of-errors routine isn’t helping the situation at all.

Interrupted by the boss. What a frustrating turn of events. Clear rejection was the optimal scenario, but acceptance (and its consequences) was the next-best option. This isn’t an acceptable resolution at all.

This man: Ruining sexual deviance since 1974

I’m used to a weak-willed protagonist in series like this, so I’m not surprised that Seiji is fine with having been bailed out of that situation, but considering how impressed I’d been with the more mature tone of other aspects of the series, it’s a pity Seiji didn’t take any kind of action.

Not only is Shou back in the love triangle (quadrangle, now), but both Seiji and Yuki heard it. Yet more disappointment. Yes, harem is the currently accepted style of romance series, but that doesn’t mean every girl has to be in love with the main male character at all times.

Final Flash: A serious step backwards. This series is still considerably better than most other shonen romance, but it could be so much more, if not for the direction revealed by this chapter.

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