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Toriko 101

[chapter link]
[scanlation by Hi Wa Mata Noboru]

Huge thanks to the Hi Wa Mata Noboru team for catching up to current releases on this series.

The antagonist is both appropriately menacing and unsatisfied.

Excellently grim

This fellow looks like a Morton. Good name choice.

Ichiryuu’s revelation that Toriko still isn’t “full-fledged” is the kind of negative reinforcement Toriko has benefited from as a character, in that it would have been boring for this supposedly overwhelmingly powerful character to simply dominate his opponents and prey, but it seems like the time is right for Toriko to improve. A training arc here under the supervision of Ichiryuu would be more than acceptable.

Fantastic pacing in this chapter. The introduction of Ichiryuu to the beginning of his explanation about his past only took five pages.

The two are set to spar in the next chapter. Excellent. Unfortunately, Toriko is on break next week, so we have to wait a while.

Final Flash: Good change in tone from the previous chapter. The villain has needed exposition for months, and the introduction of Ichiryuu is a pleasant surprise.

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