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Kimi no Iru Machi 95

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Another girl? The main trio needs to stay intact. Haruto must win Eba back from Kazama on his own, without any kind of interference.

Despite this, Kiyomi presents an interesting side to Eba that the audience hasn’t been shown. Surely, Kiyomi is altering things slightly because of her own feelings, but these claims can’t be entirely unfounded.

A meeting with both girls? Seems like an intervention, even. This can’t end well.

Indeed, it hasn’t. A slap is a pretty strong way to announce yourself as part of the main cast of the series.

Hello, I am relevant

Final Flash: Kiyomi’s introduction elicits mixed feelings from me. On one hand, she’s instantly cultivating development in Eba’s character. On the other hand, she provides a possible resolution to the love triangle (Haruto/Eba, Kazama/Kiyomi) that would feel cheap compared to Haruto being able to win back Eba through his own efforts.

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