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Psyren 125

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Glad to see Kabuto is coming. He’s an important character in the series.

I’d appreciate some progress in the relationship between Yoshina and Amamiya, but unfortunately, the story has deviated so far away from that plot thread that showing it now feels out of place.

I find it strange that Ageha is already training for a new power when we’ve yet to see Melchsee’s Door fully explored. I’m okay with the idea that Ageha isn’t strong enough, but I would have liked for that conclusion to be drawn after extensive use of his existing power.

Another current series with a time-warping training arc. This one may not be within the confines of a specific room, but the concept is still the same.

It may work in some series, but I don’t want to see the villains humanized in Psyren. Less of the girl hugging Junas, please.

Some more setup, and that’s it. Not the most exciting of chapters.

Final Flash: A couple decent moments, but mostly a letdown from the last few chapters.

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