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Naruto 502

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Is it wrong that I thought “I didn’t know Sasuke had a sister” before it clicked that that’s Itachi?

It’s fun to see all these other characters so many years ago.

Fantastic artwork of the entire village of Konoha under attack.

Nice scene of Minato standing on his own head

Incredible technique used by Minato. I hope we get to see more of his skills before the inevitable happens.

Showing techniques like he’s using to catch up to Minato is the only way for Kishimoto to legitimize Madara. Until now, we’ve only been told of his strength. We need to see it.

Interestingly, Madara neither confirms nor denies his identity. This supports the theory that “Madara” is not Uchiha Madara at all.

Excellent sequence of panels showing the kunai passing through Madara’s head. Kishimoto has drawn this chapter very well.

More great skill displayed by Minato. This is a good fight.

Final Flash: Strong chapter, especially considering it’s a flashback.

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