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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 298

[scanlation by I Eat Manga]

No matter how worryingly reminiscent Enma is of Future arc woes, this cover page is fantastic. Great color.

Enma is too cool and collected. I miss the lighthearted sense of early Reborn!, even when the series started to feature more serious arcs. There was always a pleasant sense of the ridiculous. Now, any ridiculous characters feel forced, amid their pseudo-bishonen surroundings.

Not only is he too suave, but Enma is strong enough to take out the entire Vongola group. Is it training arc time?

This chapter is incredibly heavy on speed lines.

Don't eat speed lines, Tsuna

Confirmation that this entire conflict is based on a silly misunderstanding. That’s disappointing. If the plot is intent on being overly dramatic, it should at least be consistent and set up its major plot points accordingly. Of course, a series with a boy who shoots himself into the future with a bazooka, and a girl who explodes when her forehead counts down, shouldn’t be overly dramatic in the first place.

Fanservice really has no place in Reborn!. It’s just not the right kind of series.

"Out of place," he said

Chrome is reduced to the generic damsel in distress. What a poor character. Her introduction was interesting, but every time plot gets serious, she fades out of the picture and Mukuro comes and saves the day.

Thorough defeat suffered by Vongola. Training arc forthcoming indeed.

Final Flash: The difference in power between Vongola and Shimon is unreasonable. The last non-Future training arc was actually decent, so let’s hope Amano keeps this interesting.

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