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Bakuman 94

[scanlation by Sleepy Fans]

Fantastic punchline delivered by both Mashiro and Takagi.

Insightful analysis

The order in which Hattori lists titles of popular series should serve as notice to anyone who has not yet read Slam Dunk: It’s important. Read it.

As always, excellent precision and detail in Obata’s art, as displayed here by the One Piece volume.

Very funny two-page interlude featuring Hiramaru’s editor contriving new methods to keep him working.

Master schemer

There’s the revelation: Mashiro’s art is inappropriate for the story and for Jump. It’s a good revelation, as it will capitalize on the recent character evolution Mashiro has displayed.

Iwase reveals a shocking blush upon Eiji’s surprising compliment. She couldn’t possibly fall for him, could she? More importantly, Eiji couldn’t possibly be involved in a romantic angle, right?

... right?

Poor Hiramaru. Maybe someday he’ll impress Aoki.

In fact, poor Shizuka, too. Unlike Hiramaru, though, Shizuka looks like he will benefit in the long run from this disastrous evening.

Everything seems to be coming together. Mashiro quitting school completely devotes him to improving his art, and with the story already on the right path, PCP should be ready to seriously contend with Natural and Crow.

5th place! Iwase’s reaction is consistent with her new role as the respectful rival. The change from irate to driven was a sudden turnaround in her character, but now that the shock has worn off, this new facet of hers is enjoyable, and can remain so as long as her relationship (both personal and professional) with Eiji continues to evolve.

Another bold statement from the manga genius lends credence to the thought that PCP is almost ready for success. Furthermore, it reinforces the thought that Bakuman could be a comparatively short series, as there aren’t too many overarching plot points left to resolve.

Final Flash: Good chapter. Funny humor, important plot progression, and a couple interesting new developments.

My favorite Bakuman character

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