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Bakuman 95

[scanlation by Sleepy Fans]

It’s happening! Romantic tension between Eiji and Iwase! This is a great moment.

Appropriate disbelief

She’s leaning right next to him, no less. This is going to be a fun chapter.

Eiji’s uncanny prediction abilities come up again, but honestly, this time was a bit much. Most of his predictions have been enjoyable, but this one was too specific and therefore didn’t carry as much impact.

Excellent comedic interplay

Actually, this is starting to be far too much exposition of the “relationship” between Eiji and Iwase for it to be real. It seems everyone is mistaken, and she’s pushing for something else.

Eiji doing a textless chapter is a bold act perfectly befitting of the rivalry between him and Ashirogi. This is exactly the kind of back and forth behavior I’ve been waiting for.

Mashiro continues to be the best part of this series. His shock at Eiji’s actions and his own level of talent by comparison are another great milestone in his fantastic character evolution.

Excellent facial expression

Great showing from Road Racer. Fukuda is still going to figure prominently in the competition for top spot in the magazine.

There’s the payoff: Iwase was pushing for Eiji to include Crow in +Natural. Frankly, I’m not sure I like the idea. Yes, Ashirogi must compete with Eiji overall, so it does condense the rivalry, but this feels more like a convoluted trick for +Natural to stay competitive against the ever-improving PCP. This somewhat cheapens Iwase’s role in the rivalry, especially considering her recent character change.

… of course, worst of all, this means Iwase might not be in love with Eiji after all!

Final Flash: Engaging chapter with a questionable turn of events at the end.

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