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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 299

[scanlation by I Eat Manga]

“A shadow approaches” … to probably train Tsuna and his team.

There is apparently a fine line between looking devastated and looking high. Tsuna is crossing that line.

This is a munchies emergency

There’s a character called “Coyote Nougat.” Yep. Only in Reborn!.

No prizes for guessing the figure on the cover page was a mentor character of some kind, and only a couple points awarded for guessing he was a bizarre old man.

Oh dear, the Vongola rings have spirits. Not that it’s being done well, but Bleach is already covering the “inhabited weapons” quota for Jump. This is a path I’d hoped Reborn! wouldn’t take.

Well-explored territory

This is incredibly linear power-up development, right down to this creepy old man having the blood of Vongola Primo. It’s such a waste of an entire series to just deliberately make infinite parallels between the main characters and their predecessors. Why not let Tsuna succeed on his own merit?

Who doesn't carry around other people's blood in vials?

Final Flash: All of the early charm of the series is again being ignored in favor of the simplest shonen storytelling imaginable. Boring chapter.

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