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Fairy Tail 194

[scanlation by Binktopia]

The first page is colored strangely. It doesn’t feel nearly organic enough. Looks like plastic.

As usual, a Fairy Tail cover page is used to show off a female character’s assets. It’s not enticing if you lay it out there for everyone to see all the time.

The king’s mech is embarrassingly ugly and not particularly menacing.

The Super Soaker of mechs

All three Dragonslayers decide to fire their beams in one direction, yet don’t consider the possibility of their target moving out of the way. No, heroes, I don’t find it unreasonable that a mech can jump.

Our heroes are down and out. Cue Natsu’s willpower reserves in 3, 2…

Right on time.

The combination final attack is actually pretty well-designed. It’s just a pity that these characters can’t act before a generic show of willpower.

Final Flash: Dull chapter, but it signals the end of this arc is forthcoming.

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