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One Piece 594

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Right from the start, we see the Gorousei. This surely will be an important chapter.

Huge news. Blackbeard has already taken out one of the Supernovas.

But which?

Garp and Sengoku both being forced out of their positions brings about a notable change in the World Government, specifically relating to where it stands in the moral gray area in One Piece. Garp and Sengoku have both been portrayed as “good” characters, even if they have opposed some protagonists. The rest of the upper echelons of the World Government are painted as a more traditional antagonizing force. This should prove pivotal going forward.

Aokiji as the next fleet admiral would be the most appropriate of the choices we’ve seen so far.

Smoker is still working behind the scenes to chase after Luffy. I hope for him to feature prominently at some point soon. He’s too good of a character not to.

There’s the long-awaited news: Luffy rang a bell at Marineford 16 times, as a memorial and/or a declaration of war. Stunning.

Furthermore, he got a tattoo! Great touch from Oda.

Focusing on Kid is both appropriate (given the tone of the manga right now) and exciting. He’s positioned to become a fantastic rival to Luffy.

Some kind of force is sucking everything into the air. Assuming this has nothing to do with Blackbeard’s ability, the New World is already a terrifying place.

... what?

Luffy is sending a direct message. His involvement with Rayleigh in doing so makes me wonder if he’s reaching out to more than just his crew, since it seems like there would have been simpler ways to reach only them.

I may never have laughed as loudly at a manga panel as I just have upon seeing Franky.


No! Basil, don’t kill Brownbeard! His legend must live on!

The end of the chapter shows an island in the New World overflowing with lightning. Very creative design.

Final Flash: Reestablishment of several hugely important characters, introduction to the true terror of the New World, excellent subterfuge within the World Government, and a truly powerful moment from Luffy. Wonderful chapter.

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