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Bleach 414

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Both One Piece and Naruto have been sensational this week. I wonder how Bleach compares.

Have to say, the cover page isn’t nearly as blindingly awful as the last several Bleach color pages. Comparatively well done, then.

Last week’s twist was the explicit fourth wall-breaking teaser text saying that there’s tension between Gin and Aizen. Of course, this wasn’t actually shown in any capacity by the narrative itself, but this is as close to storytelling as Bleach gets, so bear with it. Described tension, Gin cover page, “Deicide” chapter naming scheme…

Gin is clearly lying to Aizen about having killed Matsumoto.

Boy, Kubo certainly is making this pretty obvious, isn’t he?

No prizes for having figured it out

The royal key! Why, that’s a reference to the next arc! We’re finally going somewhere.

Yes, do that. More quickly.

Page 12 is a shining example of unintentional hilarity. I use the word “shining” intentionally. “Blinding” would also be suitable.

Background of the week. Oh, wait, that's Gin.

No! 13km was a lie? How dare you, Kubo?!

Twist of the week

In all seriousness, Gin’s “true” bankai (who knows if this is the actual, final truth) is even more ridiculous now than ever before. It doesn’t merely extend and contract, but instead it dissolves into dust, while simultaneously the interior of the blade secretes a cell-destroying poison. That’s a crazy amount of abilities from one zanpakutou.

Now, that said, while this combination of abilities makes Gin rather overpowered in the Bleach universe, the primary complaint I have isn’t with his bankai at all, but with Ichigo. These kinds of bizarre abilities are exactly what shonen characters should have. By comparison, Ichigo and his one attack look more pathetic than ever.

Still, I’m deliberately trying to find positives to provide some decent analysis of a thoroughly insulting chapter. No, this chapter doesn’t carry the same disgraceful impact as chapter 396 (the “everything was according to Aizen’s plan” chapter), but in terms of putting up the middle finger to long-term fans, this takes the cake. Bleach fans, Kubo would like you to know that the last three years have been completely worthless. Assuming Aizen dies here, the last three years of plot maneuvers have been shunned in favor of establishing a new arch-villain who is weaker than the last one. Of course, there is always the possibility that Aizen’s reality-altering hougyoku will shamelessly save him once again, but then that merely introduces a brand new slap in the face, which is killing off Gin out of nowhere within a couple chapters, all for the sake of yet another uninteresting “twist.” Either way, this is drivel.

Final Flash: A tutorial on how not to write a story.

  1. Wesley
    July 31, 2010 at 1:52 am

    On the topic of Gin and his zanpakutou, ever since the transition arc, specifically from the appearance of Ichigo’s father as a shinigami, I’ve been wondering about whether Ichimaru’s zanpakutou’s power really was just extending and retracting and that he wasn’t just using those abilities to be flashy. It was said before that powerful Shinigami can control the size of their zanpakutou, so I was thinking that Ichimaru was just yelling out stuff to make it seem it was it’s power.

    Then again, it’s also Bleach we’re talking about. I doubt Ichimaru’s “hidden power” was made That far in advance.

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