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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 392

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

The cover page is promising. The weeks of fanservice and disappointment will become an unfortunate but distant memory if this and the Apachai fight are good.

Frankly, I don’t care at all about Niijima right now. Enough with the idiocy.

Evidently Matsuena feels we need even more Niijima, instead of a serious fight. This entire arc has been one big tease.

Not only does a blackout interrupt the start of the fight, but Kenichi’s cell phone is ringing? This is painful.

No fighting, inane Niijima moments, and Matsuena reminding us what apparently matters most in Kenichi these days:

Hint: It isn't the dialogue

A brief moment of action from Miu, but it feels more like an excuse to show off her body rather than show the audience some martial arts.

Final Flash: Complete waste of a chapter. These upcoming fights better be excellent to compensate for the low quality of the last several weeks.

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