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Naruto 505

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Holy hell what a jarring cover page. I was not ready for that.

Understatement (noun) def. 1: See above picture

Guy is not just on the cover page, but he’s actually here in the story. What a pleasant surprise. It’s about time to see some of the side characters reintroduced into the main plot.

When we first saw Naruto’s new chakra diagram, it seemed to me to be a visual representation of the change inside of him. Instead, it’s actually an outwardly-visible change in his appearance. I have to say, I don’t particularly care for the design. The head is okay, but the bits that look like the inner workings of a car aren’t so great.

But is he four-wheel drive?

The effect Naruto’s new chakra has on the environment around him is a telling sign of just how powerful he’s becoming.

Of course, sensing Kisame inside of Samehada and using his father’s teleportation technique are an even stronger sign.

Guy is back for mere moments before providing a moment of comedy. That’s entirely befitting of his character, I suppose.

While I’m excited to see Guy and Kisame set to fight, I’m worried that this could again not be the final conflict between the two. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Zetsu come and rescue him, or some similar fight-postponing plot device used.

Final Flash: Hugely promising increase in power from Naruto, and much-appreciated plot progression. Good chapter.

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