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One Piece 595

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Absolutely fantastic color page. I anxiously await a poster version.

Law using Bepo as a pillow is adorable.

Looks comfortable

More importantly, the exact phrasing of the Binktopia translation is interesting. Law says, “I’ll be sure… to steal the proper throne!!!” Now, “proper throne” could still very well be referring to the title of Pirate King, but that’s a peculiar phrase to use in reference to such a position. It seems to me that Law could be referring to something else.

X Drake is alive, well, and terrorizing some poor unsuspecting underling of the highly-anticipated Kaidou.

Still the coolest Zoan

Scratchmen Apoo is fine, too, leaving Jewelry Bonney as the Supernova taken down by Blackbeard.

There she is, no less. She might not have been the least likely target of the 11 (I’d give that title to Apoo), but I’m still fairly surprised to see the sole female put in this position. I’m certainly not calling Oda sexist, but this is an unusual move, especially considering how she’s hinted at having a worthwhile subplot.

Akainu is speaking to Bonney in a very familiar manner. He could just be familiar with her, but his relief at finding her is interesting. Could he be something more than an acquaintance?

I am your father?

Confirmation that Moria survived. That’s good news to me. He may not deserve to be a major recurring villain, but he’s more than worth keeping active in the background. Also of note in this scene, Doflamingo continues to emphasize his independence, and the person he’s talking to is unusually kept out of focus. As with all minor details in One Piece, this could end up meaning nothing, or this hat-wearing government official could later reappear as a hugely important character.

Maybe I was wrong about the whole “coolest Zoan” thing.

Unbearably cute

Hilarious moment as Chopper unintentionally thinks the more offensive part of his thoughts out loud.

To close the chapter, both Chopper and Sanji have finally had their direct power-up routes revealed. Chopper seems to be aiming to further alter his own body, while Sanji is seeking to learn Attack Cuisine, which presumably would support the entire crew. The former is an obvious and highly necessary power-up, but the latter is a little worrying. With every passing arc, Sanji seems to fade further away from being the third component of the “Monster Trio,” instead developing into a behind-the-scenes roleplayer. Attack Cuisine could be used very well, and I’ll certainly trust Oda, but I don’t want Sanji’s role reduced.

Final Flash: Another intriguing chapter that presents several new long-term plot possibilities.

  1. Dave Thomas
    August 5, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Not sure how I feel about this leaving the crew apart for even longer. Makes me wonder what the 16 rings really meant. 16 months until we meet 16 days? hmmmmm How long wil it take each member to power up. I love One Piece but I’m ready to see the Straw Hats take on the New World.

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