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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 301

[scanlation by I Eat Manga]

These new and improved Vongola rings are now all sorts of accessories emblazoned with each character’s box animal. Tsuna’s ring even has a fashionable chain.

Hot Topic would be proud

I have officially lost all interest in Vongola history and backstory. It’s been an endless string of minor variations on the same warring mafia theme since the tone of the series became serious.

Tsuna just isn’t the kind of character to be able to sincerely pull off the willpower-fueled hero archetype. It may become tiresome and downright irritating in Fairy Tail for Natsu to constantly win battles through sheer willpower alone, but his character suits the plot device; Tsuna should still be the nervous kid dragged against his will into a world much bigger than him. Instead, he wants to fight alone.

Reborn (the character) being ordered to go with Tsuna’s group, yet specifically ordered not to attack, indicates that he may finally have some horribly overdue plot development. Maybe he’s Vongola Primo.

You damn well better bring Lambo with you. He’s the only reason to read the series anymore, and even then his role has been marginalized.

Speaking of marginalized characters, there’s Kyoko, who is downright useless. Her occasional appearances serve no purpose. Tsuna isn’t the same awkward kid anymore, so why should we be forcibly reminded of his one-sided love? At least complete Tsuna’s transformation into this ridiculous battle-hardened veteran, and make him disinterested in Kyoko.

Shouichi and Spanner are still around, providing Tsuna with more overcomplicated weaponry. If Amano put half the effort into writing the narrative that she does into creating silly, easily marketable technical designs, the plot might go somewhere interesting.

Final Flash: Completely dull and unremarkable chapter. Last chapter was too brief; this one was too long. Last week’s ring power-up should have extended into this chapter, while all the “saying goodbye” nonsense from this chapter should have been dropped entirely.

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