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GE ~ Good Ending 45

[scanlation by iMangaScans]

Clearly, Shou’s invitation is indicative of what happens between two nervous teenagers left alone in a house. They discuss tennis matches.

For once, Seiji is on the verge of showing some conviction, but his is overcome by Shou’s own conviction. At least someone has backbone; it’s just not the right person.

Just as evidenced in the corresponding scene at Yuki’s house, it seems that Japanese mothers have no greater wish than to give their daughters away.

Certainly not American ones

Even if Seiji is trying to stay distant, rambling on about Shou’s ex-boyfriend is a pretty awful thing to do.

Cliché accidental intimate situations, one after another. Shou’s mom and sibling peeping from a ladder was a decently funny moment, but this is entirely too straightforward.

Final Flash: If ever there was a time for Seiji to grow a spine and be decisive about his feelings for Yuki, next chapter is that time. I can’t say I have any confidence.

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