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Naruto 506

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Perfect, Guy. It’s a blowfish. You’re absolutely right.

I did not expect a scenario where Killer Bee is the voice of reason.

… nevermind, he’s been outsmarted by a sword.

Excellent observation

The Leaf Whirlwind is a sight for sore eyes. It’s been too long since either a Guy or a Lee fight.

No time wasted opening up the gates. Whether or not this will be the decisive fight we’ve been hoping for, it should at least be an exciting one.

Guy is thrown across the island and summons a giant turtle for use as a launching pad. This is great stuff.

A waterfall made of sharks! I’m reminded of a particular YTMND. Nonsense aside, this fight has an appropriately huge scale.

A testament to how awesome the side characters are

Finally, a traditional shonen all-or-nothing face-off between Guy and Kisame. What an action-packed chapter.

Final Flash: Great chapter. Also, it seems this must be the final battle between these two. I can’t see either of them pulling out much better techniques than this, unless Guy opens one too many gates.

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