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One Piece 596

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Great cover page. Importantly, that’s a grown-up Sabo there, with his gaze averted away from the “camera,” deliberately setting up some suspense as to what he would look like now. Surely, we must meet him at some point.

Nami is following the same pattern as Sanji and Chopper, by forgoing a return to the prearranged meeting point in favor of improving herself. Power-ups for all the crew members are all well and good, but couldn’t we have assumed that they’d be getting one? I’m becoming a little tired of how long it’s taking for the crew to reassemble, and for the plot to progress.

It seems Nami’s upgrade will either be a further improved Clima Tact, or a completely new weather-controlling weapon. Nothing surprising there, but it should be interesting to see the Weather Ball in use.

Now, it’s Brook’s turn for a moment of introspection. This one feels worst of all, since he’s the newest crew member; I don’t need a flashback to remember how/why he joined, no matter how short it is.

Funny regardless of circumstance

Will Brook’s power-up be a new musical ability? That’s the only thing I can assume, given his current predicament. Perhaps the next time we see Brook, he’ll be out of the cage and running away from a group of collapsed onlookers.

Robin’s up next, and her scenario is by far the most interesting and potentially world-shaking. She is set to be the direct link between Luffy and Dragon, which could either force a monumental reunion or simply make huge waves through indirect affiliation.

Franky being mistaken for a gorilla is both apropos and quite funny.

While not quite as huge as Robin’s impending connection to Dragon, Franky’s continued study of Vegapunk is potentially fascinating. Of course, the feeling of importance is tempered slightly by mandatory Franky comedy (which is still hilarious and well worth it, mind you).

Classic Franky

Last up on this week’s whirlwind tour of the crew is Usopp, who is still fat and now learning about Pop Greens, which (from the little information we have on them) seem to fit Usopp’s arsenal nicely.

Final Flash: Only a decent chapter. The comedy was funny, but the perils of having so many main characters have never been more obvious; giving everyone equal exposition simply takes too long.

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