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Beelzebub 73

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

The first page says “Climax!!” Unlike Fairy Tail, I’m choosing to believe Beelzebub.

The volleyball match is over in the first two pages. Perhaps Tamura has realized that a return to action is long overdue. Regardless, this is extremely pleasing.

Bizarre sportsmanship between Ishiyama and the Horsemen. The new afro character is sure to play an important role, but the Horsemen shouldn’t just be brushed aside.

For the time being, at least, it seems the afro has the floor, and it’s Kiriya! (For those who don’t recall, he’s the baddie from Miki’s flashback, the guy with the bizarre claw-like nails.) He’s “here to destroy everything about [Oga’s] life.” He’s certainly leaving no questions to be asked on where he stands, at least.

At least Oga is taking him seriously

A traditional Oga ego-crushing retort (complete with priceless Baby Beel facial expression), and the chapter is over. Oga’s derisive attitude towards Kiriya is amusing, but I’m not entirely sure how well it will work with the serious undertones of this arc, given the legitimate tension between the Horsemen and the Ishiyama students. These are both plot lines that I want to see resolved properly, but I’m not convinced that can happen simultaneously.

Final Flash: Funny chapter, and a welcome end to the volleyball.

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