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Kimi no Iru Machi 101

[scanlation by Red Hawk Scans]

Haruto and Eba back-to-back on the cover. Prepare for more awkwardness.

That’s pretty direct from Eba. Anyone could have delivered Kazama’s helmet to Haruto.

As usual, Haruto is saying and doing all the right things, and Eba is putting him through hell. It’s almost like this series is the antithesis of GE ~ Good Ending. If we could have the love interests (and the awkwardness-relieving humor) from Good Ending, only with Haruto from Kimi no Iru Machi instead of worthless Seiji, we’d have a hell of a series.

What an unusually pleasant outing for these two. The funeral for his rival in love / her boyfriend was yesterday, and she’s leading him to a sightseeing spot? I know Seo well enough to know this isn’t ending well.

There it is, a string of words no person ever wants to hear. “Maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore.”

There is no appropriate response

Final Flash: Sad chapter, but this was to be expected. Whether or not it’s easy to read, this is ultimately the plot direction that best allows for Eba’s character integrity. It would have cheapened the entire series if she started focusing on Haruto so soon after Kazama’s death. It looks like Seo is going to put us through hell before we arrive at any kind of resolution.

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