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Bleach 418

[scanlation by Binktopia]

It’s not like I could take Ichigo seriously before, but his new hair gets me laughing every time I see it. Well, that, and his sad expression.

Cheer up, emo shonen protagonist

Aizen certainly is long-winded this week. As this is Bleach, I assume he will continue assuming things about Ichigo’s powerup until Ichigo makes his move, proving Aizen wrong.

... what?

Ichigo is able to stop Aizen’s sword. To be fair, Ichigo has yet to respond to Aizen’s theory that Ichigo used all his reiatsu to reinforce his strength, so Ichigo could still have some hidden capability that would make this less ridiculous. That said, if Ichigo is only using pure strength, this is unimaginably awful writing. With the Hougyoku, Aizen has the ability to rewrite the plot of his own series; there’s absolutely no excuse for him being overpowered.

Resorting to Kidou is the Bleach equivalent of raising the white flag… or triggering your own death flag.

Background of the week

All this Ichigo dominance bears no credibility whatsoever, but at least the protagonist is doing something for once.

Twist of the week

Final Flash: If it makes people this strong, maybe I should grow a mullet.

  1. Mario
    September 3, 2010 at 5:46 am

    I Just want to reference a specific website:


    A small excerpt from the website:

    “So, your hero has just powered up and you need a way to get this change across visually to your audience. How do that? Well let’s see… We have glowing with power. Check. Ground quaking. Check. Rapid air displacement. Check. We’ve got all the cliches, but there’s still something missing… Ah! Of course! Let’s make their hair grow out as well!”

    Well, Ichigo did have kind of a power aura before, either when using getsuga tensho or being in hollow form, he could ground quake, usually seen when jumping off walls and he could flash step in mid-air, so Kubo just had only one choice. The mullet. The site even has other examples of power up via hair growth in the Bleach Universe. And the new meme of Power Mullets has been created from Bleach.

    Joking aside, if Kubo decides to have Ichigo curb-stomp Aizen, I wouldn’t know why i have been reading this manga for the last two years. It’s preposterous to finish off the final boss of the arc (or even the series if nothing follows afterwards) without at least a long set of chapters and a long drawn-out fight. I have been expecting an epic final battle as I suppose everyone did. I expected kind of a Grimmjow – Ichigo fight in terms of action and length. Really disappointed.

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