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Naruto 508

[scanlation by Binktopia]

Bizarrely noble cover page.

Typically, I am against speed lines, but Kishimoto has used them well within the first several pages of this chapter. Instead of making them the focal point (or the entirety of the background, in some cases), he has used them to complement the action without overpowering the detail in the art. Sometimes, they’re even used as a style of shading, actually embedded in the rest of the art. Very nicely done.

Itachi signals a major test: Is the recently-improved Naruto still tolerable with the presence of one of the Uchiha brothers?

Interesting conversation between Itachi and Kisame. There are a couple of odd moments, but overall, it’s a nice look at what was hinted at being a curious relationship.

Very good, Itachi

Kisame ends up killing himself with his own sharks, and the title of the chapter ends up completely suitable. What a great way for him to go.

It seems Killer Bee will get Samehada after all. The only worry there is the prospect of an increased role for Killer Bee, who has been enjoyable only as a support character.

Nice closing words from Guy, but in this shot he looks remarkably like Catherine from Gintama.

Unusually reminiscent

Kisame having one last trick up his sleeve is completely appropriate, given the recent emphasis placed on his control over information. This is an acceptable compromise between an outright Guy victory and a Kisame escape.

Stunning last page. Madara faces off with Konan, but calls her Nagato? I’d be very happy to see Konan in action, as she was one of the more interesting Akatsuki members, but I worry this may further cheapen Nagato and Konan by using them as fodder for the decidedly uninteresting Madara.

Final Flash: An appropriately strong end to Kisame’s active role in the series.

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