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Beelzebub 75

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

In case the news article and the mention in Beamcast wasn’t enough: Very excited about the Beelzebub anime, coming this January.

Excellent color cover page. The poses and positioning are good, and the colors are expertly chosen.

Miki wants Oga to call him by his first name? That is creepy.

Even Beel is appropriately creeped out

I like that the girls have been stopped from interfering with the fight, because I want to see Oga (and to a lesser extent, Miki) in action, but I still feel awkward about the sudden civility between Ishiyama and the Horsemen.

Oga stopping the big guy’s “Death Trailer” attack with one hand and delivering a menacing look is great. Oga retaliating with a newly-renamed finishing attack (and taking out two people with it) is immensely gratifying. This, not volleyball, is why the series became so good.

Good to see Miki not being undervalued here. He gets a full page to show off his major attack, and yet another Teimou delinquent is out.

Even Furuichi is in form!

Furuichi reactions should be mandatory

Oga is using the full Zebub power! What a return to form this chapter is. No regard for consequences, no unnecessary drama, no deviation from the action. Just Oga being the evil delinquent that brought Beel to him in the first place.

Final Flash: Fantastic chapter. The relationship between the Horsemen and Ishiyama is still awkward, but Oga being Oga more than makes up for that.

Extra chapter mini-review:

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Refreshing to see everyone back home. It’s been a while since we’ve been in this kind of a relaxing setting.

Beel vs. cats! Unlike the Edolas arc in Fairy Tail, the cats here are being used exclusively for comedy, and only in a special extra chapter, so they’re acceptable.

The pinnacle of manliness

Excellent punchline at the very end. Poorly-cooked croquettes are disgusting.

Final Flash: Cute chapter, and an amusing diversion from the main story action.

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