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Kimi no Iru Machi 103

[scanlation by Red Hawk Scanlations]

Another fan-colored page. Disappointing.

Kiyomi is back! I’d be very happy if she helped form a new love triangle with Haruto and Mishima. Kiyomi is too interesting of a character to leave out of the picture. (I still wish Nagoshi was involved somehow, though.)

Kiyomi is even intervening on behalf of Mishima. What a great addition to the cast she’s been.

Amazing character evolution shown by Haruto. His serious and mature explanation of his feelings for Eba is an unexpected positive, and a huge one at that.

Fantastic growth

Two fan-colored pages in a row, for the same scene. Red Hawk, this is embarrassing. Leave this stuff in your forums.

Haruto invites Mishima back to his town… but had already asked Kiyomi. Good mix of emotion and comedy.

Final Flash: Superb chapter. This feels much more like the Kimi no Iru Machi of old, before the overwhelming drama.

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