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Metallica Metalluca Canceled, to be Replaced by Light Wing

Metallica Metalluca, the debut work by Mizuno Teruaki, has been canceled by Weekly Shonen Jump. As with so many other recent additions to the Jump lineup, Metallica Metalluca suffers an early demise, ending at just chapter 17 in Issue #41 (September 13). The news is unfortunate but expected, as while the series did manage to introduce some interesting elements, they were mostly taken from other, more successful series (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter). As such, the series failed to stand out from its competition, and its cancellation has thus far mostly been met with approval from fan communities.

Beginning the following week in Issue #42, the space vacated by Metallica Metalluca will be filled by Light Wing, a new soccer series by Shinkai Hideo. Shinkai has already published two different one-shots with Shonen Jump – Dodge the Ball (2007) and Q-Club (2008) – but Light Wing is his first major series. The decision by Jump to begin a new soccer series a mere two weeks after the end of Shonen Shikku is a bizarre one, considering that Shonen Shikku, another soccer series, was canceled at only 15 chapters.

Source: News-Paradise
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