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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 397

[scanlation by Keishou Scans]

Tirawit taunting Kenichi is great, because Kenichi breaking out of his shell and going fully on the offensive is exactly what this fight needs.

Agaard’s observations on Kenichi are setting up the fight extremely well. It’s such a pity that the preceding fights and flashback have put such a gap between Kenichi’s “death” and this fight. The impact of Kenichi’s mindset and Agaard’s understanding of it is slightly lessened because those events aren’t fresh in the memory anymore.

Regardless of the placement of the Apachai/Agaard flashback, the benefit is being felt now, particularly in the scene where Agaard thanks Kenichi.

Good mid-fight moment

The two-page spread of all four fighters is nice, but the time for posing and talking is long over. This fight needs the technical precision and insight that made Kenichi what it is.

A little more talking and a few moves from each side, but ultimately the chapter ends without serious martial arts exchanges.

Final Flash: Drastic improvement over the last several chapters, but still not up to the level that a main event fight warrants. Hopefully, next week (Sunday cover page) and the following two weeks (color pages each week) will live up to expectations.

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