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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 305

[scanlation by I Eat Manga]

In case you forgot, this chapter is here to remind you that speed lines indicate rapid movement.

I don’t care if it’s just being used as a generic boxing-related term: Amano shouldn’t be throwing out the word “counter” if it has no application to the move being used or the scene at hand.

Destroyed by poor terminology

Ryohei’s new ability certifies him as the party’s official tank. What an unimaginative upgrade.

... and the more derivative you become.

I hate to repeat myself week after week, but Amano’s art becomes more confusing by the panel. More detail does not equal more quality. Certainly, a minimum level of detail is mandatory, but too much ink is just as bad as too little. Amano used to have balanced art, but she’s clearly lost sight of her strengths.

Pages of uninteresting fighting, and a Bleach-style twist at the end. Trying to squeeze life out of a fight between a practically meaningless opponent and one of the least engaging protagonists is more than enough to repulse readers.

Final Flash: There is no magic in this series left to lose.

  1. Td
    September 11, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    Do you guys remember when KHR used to be good?

    This used to be one of my favorite ongoing manga but it just went downhill. It went from a good comedy series with an interesting premise to an enjoyable battle manga and now it’s a big mess. It all went down the drain during the future arc.

    I loved how the ten-year bazooka was used to set up the arc, the concept of box weapons and even Tsuna developing his own Hadoken-like technique with its own unique twist. But in the Middle of the arc the Vongola need more power-ups and even more parallels are made between them an the First Generation. At one point I thought that Vongola Primo and co decided to have clones released at the year 19XX. The final battle with Byakuran and his ridiculous abilities were almost to much for me.

    I surprise myself every week by reading another chapter of KHR. But in remembrance to my favorite five-year old in fiction, I go on hoping.


    • September 12, 2010 at 12:02 am

      I used to recommend this series to everyone! Thus, I definitely remember when it was good. That’s why I’m so disheartened by the condition it’s in now.

      The reason I don’t think there’s much hope for it to turn around again (aside from simply being burned too many times) is the distinct change in Amano’s art style since the beginning. Her art at the beginning was very much like the story back then: Simple, light, and effective. The art is still reflective of the story, but now that’s a negative; where the story is too convoluted and serious, the art is too intense and heavy.

      I appreciate your optimism, though, and I would love to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping that Amano rediscovers her playful side and brings the series back to its previous quality.

      Thank you for your comment!

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