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Bakuman 100

[scanlation by SleepyFans]

While the prospect of a PCP anime is exciting, it does feel like it’s too soon for so much of the main Bakuman plot to be resolved. The drama CD announcement would mean much less if the editor-in-chief is to suddenly accept an offer of an anime adaptation also.

The scene of local kids “playing PCP” is amazing. Manga as a whole offers a plethora of inspiring sights, but few are as realistic and attainable as this. The “meta” nature of the series has rarely been used to such positive effect. Conversely, the discussion between Mashiro and Takagi about how far they’ve come, relative to what they have left to attain, evokes nostalgia befitting of a series’ 100th chapter.

Beautifully rewarding

Kaya praising the kids for playing PCP is adorable.

This chapter is focusing intently on Takagi, and in an interesting way. Between his encouragement and advice for Shiratori and agreeing to write the crimes for the drama CD, Takagi shows confidence and poise that he never had earlier in the series. This is a nice affirmation of his growth.

What a surprisingly direct portrayal of the state of the Takagi/Kaya relationship.

Healthy marriage, evidently

Even more Takagi spotlight. His maturity as a writer is so obvious that once again, I can’t picture too many more major plot developments before the end of the series.

Despite warning Miura earlier not to let potential anime news leak, Hattori directly announces to Ashirogi that PCP won’t have an anime. Is this a true statement and the sign of another obstacle to overcome, or is it merely a tactic to get Ashirogi to stay grounded and focus? There is no clear evidence to support either argument, but I’m leaning towards the latter option.

Final Flash: Excellent, uplifting chapter. The labor of our protagonists is finally bearing fruit, yet exciting challenges still lay ahead.

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