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Fairy Tail 187

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Another double false advertisement on this week’s cover page. First, it says “Climax of the Edolas Arc” again, and second, there’s an attractive female. Don’t try to fool me into thinking I want to read this.

There’s still a small chance Mashima could pull a decent twist and have this Erza actually be the Edolas Erza. Doubtful, but possible.

Never mind. Hopes die quickly when reading Fairy Tail.

Okay yes, thank you, everyone and their mother knew that this would happen. Please don’t waste any more pages explaining what was painfully obvious.

Unsurprisingly, Knightwalker is still able to fight. Also unsurprisingly, some kind of cataclysmic event is happening that the cast will have to race against time to prevent. This happens in every arc.

Gazille’s fight is looking like it might be interrupted by the arrival of the cast. This must not happen. Allow the few interesting characters in this series their time to shine.

Final Flash: The “climax” remark seems closer to the truth this time, but we’re still not there. At least two fights plus one catastrophe-avoiding Natsu moment to go.