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Ohayocon Panel Addendum

January 31, 2010 10 comments

History of Shonen panel attendees: Thank you so much for coming! I apologize for not having the panel timed properly so that every last series was addressed, but I’m happy I was able to cover the older series in more detail, since those tend to be less familiar to current fans. That aside, it was incredibly fun for me to present the panel to all of you. You were a fantastic audience, and I hope to see each of you at future events. Thanks again.

As promised, for those who are interested, here is the list of series I covered (or intended to). Series in bold generally indicate the more notable or influential series, not necessarily quality. Basically, if you’re using the list to expand your knowledge of shonen as a whole, I would recommend you start by reading the series in bold (or at least becoming suitably familiar with them), then filling in the gaps from there.

Unfortunately, I must ask that no one use my work for any purpose other than personal reference and enjoyment without my permission.

History of Shonen Series List

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Shonen Beam Panel at Ohayocon 2010

January 25, 2010 1 comment

SB will be at Ohayocon 2010, presenting a panel entitled “History of the Shonen Magazine War” (sometimes abbreviated to “History of Shonen”). The panel synopsis:

Today, shonen magazines and their hit franchises benefit from tremendous exposure and popularity among Western audiences, but the same can’t be said for those that helped create and sustain the magazines. This panel will focus on the three major shonen magazines (Weekly Shonen Jump, Weekly Shonen Magazine, and Shonen Sunday), starting with their inceptions and working forward through time. We will examine the major series and authors that helped boost their magazines’ sales, define their magazines’ style, and influence each new generation of young authors. Also, we’ll present and discuss opinions on a variety of subjects, such as the current state of each magazine. It’ll be fun and informative, and we hope to see you there.

(If none of that means anything to you: DO YOU LIKE NARUTO ??? Come find out what awesome series came before it!)

Currently scheduled: Sunday, 11am (2 hours), Panels 3 (Union D-E)

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